Valerie Little - Non -Executive Director

Valerie was born and bought up in Dudley, attending school in the Borough. She has studied both science and social science at Bristol, LSE and Birmingham Universities. She worked for the NHS for 40 years – 18 of these as an Executive Director, finishing with 12 years as a Director of Public Health in Dudley. She is a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH). She has served on the FPH Health Protection Committee and Housing Special Interest Group, as well as having acted as an FPH professional assessor. She served on the Executive Committee of the Association of Directors of Public Health, taking a lead on sexual health services. Over the years she has developed particular interests in health and regeneration; and the role that arts can play in health. Since retiring from full-time employment she has undertaken some independent public health work and devoted her time to her role on the Corporation of Dudley College of Technology where she previously served as Vice Chair; and Care and Repair England where she was a member of the board, finishing in April 2022.

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