Aims, Purpose and Commitments


Dudley first: community where possible; hospital when necessary

We are truly different. A new type of NHS organisation created to serve our Dudley population in a genuinely integrated way. 


To connect with the people of Dudley, embrace our diversity and support them to live longer, healthier lives.
We will do this by ensuring everyone involved in the provision of care works together, keeping the person at the heart of everything we do.


Put people first

We will:

  • Care and advocate for all
  • Provide the highest quality care
  • Speak up for those who cannot or ask us to.
  • Empower our service users to be joint decision makers in their care

Enable and support our staff

We will:

  • Ensure our staff have the skills to deliver our purpose to the best of their ability
  • Put their safety at the forefront of operational delivery
  • Proactively support their health and wellbeing

Simplify what can be complex

We will:

  • Enable our staff to create and innovate.
  • Empower them with the skills and resources so they can improve and transform the services they provide.
  • Make this a priority freeing up their time to participate.
  • Make our services easy to navigate for both patients, staff and citizens
  • Work with our citizens to be the co-designers of future services

Be accountable for our actions

Our job is to serve the people of Dudley and ultimately; they will judge our actions:

  • Each of us has a personal responsibility for our decisions and actions; to be leaders. Only through our actions will we build trust and respect for the work we do.
  • Be accessible and responsive - listen to our staff, service users and local population; actively seeking those whose voice is quieter than others or those that are ‘hard to reach’; and then respond with the means available to us.
  • We will behave inclusively, building on our diversity
  • We will encourage our population to be part of our future workforce and service suppliers