Primary Care Mental Health Service

Dudley Primary Care Mental Health Service supports individuals aged 18 + who are registered with a Dudley CCG GP and experiencing a range of mental health problems such as low mood, stress, maternal and paternal mental health, adjustment to significant life event changes i.e. loss and role changes and mental health issues linked to Interpersonal relationships. We also work with individuals with such conditions as Bipolar Disorder who are stable but may require intermittent support to maintain their wellbeing.

Our primary care mental health nurses work with GPs and other primary care health professionals as part of Dudley’s Integrated Care Teams. They work from GP surgeries and offer assessment and brief intervention to support individuals to be able to manage their symptoms effectively, including engagement with medications that may be prescribed for their mental health needs. The nurses may also identify alternative pathways for short-term intervention within our service or sign post to other services that are appropriate for their needs.

We do not offer a crisis or urgent response, if you feel you urgent help the NHS mental health crisis helpline run by Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is open to people of all ages – including children and young people. You can access the 24/7 freephone number by calling 0800 008 6516 or by texting 07860 025281.

Who can refer to this service?
Our service can be accessed via self-referral at your surgery and by other health professionals.

How to make a referral
1. People can self-refer to this service by contacting their Surgery and requesting to see the Primary Care Mental Health Nurse
2. GPs can refer by requesting patients to book in with the Primary Care Mental Health Nurse in their surgery
3. Individuals accessing services such as Mental Health Assessment Service, Psychiatric Liaison Service and the Crisis Team can be referred by those services to Dudley PCMHS

Contact Details

The Primary Care Mental Health Team
3rd Floor,
Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre,
John Corbett Drive,
West Midlands,

Tel:  0300 5555 400

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