Top Ten Tips for Good Health and Wellbeing

1. Do something creative

Being creative can improve mood, and self-esteem, as well as improving mental agility.

2. Learn new skills

Achieving goals you’ve set for yourself can increase your confidence and help you to feel more optimistic about the future.

3. Value yourself and others

Spend time to reflect on what you have done well, show your appreciation and take pride in the compliments that you receive.

4. Use food to boost your mood

What you eat and drink can have a real influence on your mood so look out for and choose healthy food options.

5. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones

Research has shown that people whose goals in life are focused on family, friends and colleagues have increased wellbeing.

6. Keep physically active

Exercise has been proven to lower levels of anxiety and depression as well improving fitness levels. 30 minutes of exercise five times a week can make a real difference.

7. Care for yourself

Set aside some time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.

8. Get involved and make a contribution

Being involved in fun events or projects can help you to learn new skills, meet new people and give a great sense of fulfilment.

9. Take a break

Work better, not harder. Make sure you take your annual leave throughout the year, to help you take a well deserved break when you may need it the most.

10. Ask for help and share feelings

If you feel under pressure and feel your workload is spiralling out of control, take the opportunity to discuss your feelings with friends, family or your manager.