Meet the team

The Research & Innovation Team is a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to the development and delivery of research within the Trust and its member GP Practices; our aim is to ensure that our local population has access to and can benefit from the latest treatments, care options, and evidence-based practice.

R&I Leadership

Dr Lucy Martin

Dr Lloyd Baron

Trust R&I Manager

Mrs Louise Scott

The Trust has a Research and Innovation Steering Group that supports the development, establishment, and implementation of strategic aims, direction, and prioritisation of the Research agenda.

Trust R&I Team

The R&I service is provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands (CRN WM), under the terms of a Service Level Agreement. Click the link to learn more about the CRN WM

The R&I Team provide support to DIHC and Primary Care staff and researchers (internal and external), with all research support activities, including:

  • Advice on Regulatory Approval Requirements
  • The Assess, Arrange, and Confirm Process (AAC) and Study Amendments
  • Intellectual Property
  • Honorary Research Contracts / Letters of Access
  • Research Funding and Grant Applications Process
  • Research Training opportunities and Requirements, (such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP))