A wealth of learning opportunities are available to help support the development of health and care professionals, patients, and the public toward a better understanding of research. Some resources currently available for you to access are outlined below:

NIHR Learn: this platform allows anyone employed by the NHS, a UK University, as well as other publicly funded bodies, to access a wide range of accredited learning programmes, (including a suite of Good Clinical Practice courses), for free. To find out more and to register for an account please visit: NIHR Learn

The Research and Quality Improvement Learning Community for Primary Care is an inclusive Community for all healthcare professionals with an interest in linking with and learning more about research, quality improvement, and clinical scholarship in primary care:

The Research and Quality Improvement Learning Community for Primary Care Flyer.docx

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research, allows delegates to explore health research; how it happens, why it is important, and what to expect as a research participant. To find out more and how to join the MOOC, please visit:

If you have an interest in Primary Care Research, you can find out what is happening locally via the CRN WM google site here:

Your Path in Research is an annual campaign designed to encourage health and care professionals to consider research as part of their careers and outlines some simple steps to start down the research path! This is Amy's Story (A GP's Path to Research)


Free NIHR Research Conference - Thursday 18 May 2023

Are you interested in supporting or conducting research as part of your role? Have you an interest in research but remain unsure where to start? Or are you already engaged with research and wish to expand your activity and support others? Then please consider registering for the NIHR Research In Primary Care Setting Event. This is open to all clinicians in primary care and practice managers. Please note do not register if you are unsure of your ability to attend and as such may not make it on the day, places are limited and it prevents other staff from accessing this event. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Click here to register


NIHR Learn Insights for January 2023 is now available.

In this instalment Emma Tonner, a clinical leadership fellow (Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management National Medical Director’s Fellow) at the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre leads us through an exploration of the why and how of primary care research. We last looked at the topic of primary care in August 2021. In the instalment Emma helps us to reflect on the opportunities and challenges in primary care research as we look ahead to the coming year.